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‘Absolute Orbit and X’ 는 의미를 바탕으로 탄생한 브랜드 ‘에이오엑스’는 ‘절대적인 궤도를 넘어 나만의 것을 찾겠다는 의지’를 담고 있습니다. 에이오엑스는 옷을 화폭으로 삼아 우주의 풍경과 미지의 세계를 표현합니다. 별과 행성, 궤도, 외계인, 블랙홀 등 우주가 지니고 있는 다양한 요소에서 영감을 받아 열정과 도전, 무한한 가능성을 드러냅니다. 특수 소재와 야광 염료 및 자수로 완성한 룩은 어둠에 맞서는 강인함을 표현하고, 그래픽 디자인을 더해 평범한 패션에도 색다른 서사를 부여합니다. AOX의 패션은 지루한 일상에 신선한 재미와 충격을 주고, 극적인 포인트를 만들어 냅니다. 특별히 노력하지 않아도 멋스러운 스타일을 완성하며, 일상과 다른 새로운 나를 보여줍니다.흥미로운 스토리의 영화나 광고를 보듯이 에이오엑스 고유의 스토리를 전개하며 소비자와 공유하고 소통하고자 합니다.

“Absolute Orbit and X” and contains “the will to find my own beyond the absolute orbit.” AOX uses clothes as canvas to express the landscape of the universe and the unknown world. AOX is inspired by starts, planets, orbits, aliens, black holes, and other elements of the universe, which represent passion, challenge, and infinite possibilities. Our look finished with special materials and luminescent dyes and embroidery, expresses the toughness of facing the dark, and adds graphic design to give a different narrative in your fashion. AOX's fashion creates fresh fun, shock, and dramatic points in boring daily life. This fashion completes a stylish style without any special effort and creates your new fashion style that is different from everyday life. AOX develops its own story like an interesting movie or advertisement.AOX wants to share and communicate with consumers.


In 2020, the space century, NASA astronomers found a mysterious planet. The planet orbited the sun in an elliptical orbit and was freely roaming among the stars. The International Astronomical Union named the planet AOX and places it on the ninth planet. Astronomers around the world paid attention to the fact that after Pluto lost its status, the planet may be replaced with Pluto.Astronomers have discovered from observations that AOX forms a unique time system. Unlike the Earth, the planet rotates from east to west, thereby changing the day and night. Those who lived on the planet acted in a way that absorbed the wavelengths of light during the day while sleeping and reflected light at night. Their skin is made up of fine glass beads, so the whole body glows like fireflies at night. For them, the night was a much safer time than the day, allowing them to recognize each other better. They had colorful eyes and tongues depending on their individuality. They freely changed the colors of their eyes and tongues according to their emotions and communicated with each other by using light signals instead of words. AOX was a brighter and more beautiful planet than the Earth and has maintained peace for a long time. One day the spacemen noticed the existence of the supermassive black hold M87. The black hole is 55 million light years far from the Earth and has a mass of 6.5 billion times that of the sun. It was located near AOX, emitting powerful radio waves and distorting the light of the planet little by little. Eventually, AOXXXX planetary people come to invade the M87 to protect the peace. This opened the great prelude to the war between AOX and M87.


The powerful radiation and virus from the black hole "M87" caused a lot of damage to the planet's people. Planets in "AOX" find out that the black hole "M87" emits powerful radiation and viruses, and then develop functional combat suits to counter it. When the black hole M87 is exposed to radiation and viruses, it loses all its light, because it means death to the planet of A.O.X. A.O.X's combat suit is made of special materials that help to block radiation and viruses, as well as to prevent the planet from emitting light from the outside world even where light does not exist.

Started the game again.

And there are three kinds of unknown creatures that help 'AOX. Each name is A-yo, O-ya, Xo-ya. A-yo melted all living things with a powerful heat, O-ya blew everything away with tremendous wind, and Xo-ya froze to help the black hole "M87" neutralize. The planets of AOX were able to reach the M87 horizon due to their powerful combat uniforms and unknown life forms. The planets of AOX were drawn helplessly near the M87 horizon, and were able to recognize it as Earth with a sense of hyper-sensitivity. The earth began to burn little by little. The ground cracked and the water flooded. The hearts of the planets of AOX became urgent. But as soon as they approached to save the Earth, they were surrounded by darkness for a moment.